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After your forms are reviewed and signed, the copay or fee will be charged prior to the start of the session. We accept all forms of payment including Visa or Mastercard.

Your therapist will explain the process of therapy to ensure you are fully informed of our services and expectations for treatment.Your first visit will be you and your therapist developing goals for treatment. You will be asked questions regarding past and present situations to help assess your need and direction for therapy.

Here at Desert Counseling & Recovery we believe in a collaborative approach to your treatment. You know what is best for you and our sessions will be supportive and collaborative in nature. Our goal is to help guide you and help you reach your goals for a better sense of self and well being.

Expectations and Fees
   Going to counseling for the first time can be a fearful and anxious experience. This page is designed to help guide your expectations for treatment and outcomes for your 1st session.Typically your first session will consist of filling out the forms listed. If you have insurance you will be utilizing for your treatment, please try and communicate this information when setting up your appointment. This way any fees and copays can be calculated prior to your initial visit. The forms listed are the forms that you will be filling out. Feel free to print them out and have them completed or fill out as much of it as you can prior to your appointment to reduce your wait time. 

Your First Visit